Amazon Prime Once Again Available In Apple Store


Prime Video, the streaming video service offered by Amazon, can once again be accessed in the Apple app store after a technical glitch made the service temporarily unavailable on Friday.

The issued affected the service on both iOS and tvOS devices. A spokesperson for Amazon reports there is no longer an issue and the service can be enjoyed as usual. The spokesperson also said that other apps offered by Amazon were unaffected by the glitch.

The problem comes at a time when popularity for the app among customers is at an all-time high. The recent X-Ray upgrade developed by the company allows users of the service access to more information regarding the programs they choose to stream. This includes the Thursday Night Football games from the NFL that have been a major hit with customers.

Sensor Tower, an app data website, reports that more than 5 million downloads of the Amazon Prime Act were completed in September alone.

The impact of the unavailable service caused shockwaves on social media platforms like Twitter on Friday as customers complained to Amazon support staff and anyone else who would listen.

Another interesting fact to note is that a lot of customers wondered aloud on social media whether there was some conflict brewing between Amazon and Apple. This gives a peek inside the world of streaming services, as well as, Big Tech as a whole.

Presently, there is more than one dispute between companies who are either presently streaming or plan to do so in the future. That means companies who were once either allied or neutral towards each other feel the need to draw a line against each other now.

One example of this point is Disney’s plan to launch a streaming service that will compete with Netflix. Because of this, Disney is no longer allowing Netflix to advertise on its platform. Disney also found an enemy in Amazon, who will not carry the streaming services offered by Disney on any of its hardware.

There are more of these feuds brewing and the issues behind each of them is a little different. However, the common denominator is that companies that were once partners are now in direct competition with each other. These conflicts may make sense from a business standpoint but customers made it clear on Friday they are only concerned with enjoying the services they like on the device they choose.

By all accounts, this will not be a problem with Amazon and Apple anytime soon.


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