Why Brandless Dog Treats Are A Great Deal


Brandless is a company that is strongly committed to offering high quality products at substantially lower prices. They do this by eliminating the need to pay millions of dollars to market a brand name and by working directly with manufacturers. Brandless is then able to pass these savings on to their customers, while at the same time, providing higher quality products. They now have a new line of pet products that will make any discerning dog parent happy. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of Brandless dog treats.

Brandless Dog Treats Feature Protein First

When you read the ingredient label on a product, they are listed in order of the most abundant ingredient to the least abundant ingredient. So, there’s more of the first ingredient than anything else. Dogs need protein to maintain good health, not carbs, and certainly not corn or soy. So, you want the first ingredient to be protein.

If you read the ingredient label on Brandless dog treats, you find a high quality protein listed as the first ingredient every time. In fact, in some treats, a high quality protein is the ONLY ingredient. For example, in Brandless Chicken Breast Dog Treats, the only ingredient is chicken!

Brandless Dog Treats Do Not Contain Corn, Soy, or Wheat

Dogs are basically domesticated wolves so their physiology and how they process food is very similar. When figuring out the best nutrition for your beloved canine, it can beĀ  instructive to understand what a wolf in the wild would eat. Wolves are carnivores, i.e. they eat mostly meat. They hunt mostly variety of mammals but they also eat fish, birds, reptiles, and the occasional insect. To supplement this carnivorous diet, they do eat a much smaller quantity of plants, mostly wild berries and fresh green grasses. Scientists have found the ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrate in a wolf’s diet to be 54:45:1. In other words, they eat 54 times more protein than they do carbohydrates and 54 times more fat than carbohydrate.

To keep your dog healthy, you should try to emulate the wolf’s diet as much as possible in your dogs diet, including their treats. A wolf’s diet would never include high carbohydrate foods like corn, soy, or wheat and neither should your dog’s diet. Brandless dog treats never contain these ingredients. The only reason these ingredients are so common found in brand name dog treats is they are super cheap and bulky. Keep in mind too that any time you see corn or soy listed as an ingredient in a product that is not USDA certified organic, or it doesn’t not explicitly say “non-GMO,” you can assume it is GMO corn or GMO soy. As a side note, Brandless does not include GMO ingredients in any of its products.

Brandless Dog Treats Do Not Contain Animal Meal

Many dog treats on the market contain as the first or second ingredient the mystery ingredient of “animal meal.” As a dog parent, it’s important for you to know exactly what animal meal is and why you should avoid giving your dog any food or treat containing animal meal.

Animal meal is the byproduct of meat processing. When animals are slaughtered and processed for food, there are parts left over that used to be discarded. For example, when chickens are slaughtered, the muscles, skin, and sometimes the bones, are removed to sell as a “meat” at the grocery store or to added to processed foods. However, some parts, including the beak, feet, skul, and blood are not included. A few decades ago, food manufacturers found a way to make these discarded parts profitable by adding them to pet food. However, to do so, they have to very highly process the leftover parts under intense pressure and super high temperatures. This renders the resulting animal meal very low in nutrient value. In fact, it’s so deformed, it can actually be harmful to your dog.

The Takeaway

Brandless caters to shoppers who care more about the actual quality of a product rather than the brand name. This saves the customer money while delivering exceptionally high quality products. Brandless dog treats are a good example of this in all the ways we have described and more.

Search more about Brandless: https://techcrunch.com/2019/01/23/brandless-introduces-a-9-price-point-with-the-launch-of-baby-and-pet-products/


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