Internet Research Tips for Google


The purpose of companies like Google is to organize and provide useful information to its users easily. In the age of information, we can find know and find solutions for everything by typing a few words on a screen.

Ironically, there are so many information formats out there that most people never learn how to solve their problems properly. Instead, they end up being more confused than before because of the large amounts of information and contradictory statements.

Here are three simple tips for Internet research so you can use all this digital information productively.

Understanding Our Message

The first rule to get the right answers is to make the right questions, so the search engine can understand what information is relevant for us.

It is important to keep a balance between the detailed and general aspects of our search. In some niches, you may find more benefits by adding more keywords to the search bar, finding accurate results. When using filters excessively, the search results will be more reduced.

Of course, we want to find accurate content, not generic information. Our keyword should be broad enough to display relevant websites and specific enough to avoid unrelated content.

Understanding Content Creators

Another fact that complicates Internet research is the way websites work. Those digital marketers who want to rank high on Google will use an extense number of keywords and titles to attract clicks and improve their position. Because of it, the best content is not always in the first three results.

A creative strategy to find different results is to use different formats. Instead of limiting to the SERPs, consider looking at Google News, Videos, Images, and other tabs.

Also, you could use Youtube to improve your research because it is the second-best source to find content. Many Youtube channels include a group of links that lead to their websites. You will be closer to find the wanted answers when using unconventional research tactics.

Search Bar Prefixes

Because the search engine is automated software, we cannot always expect to find what we want with the Google algorithm. Luckily, there are many commands that we can use to manipulate the search results, so we only display relevant information.

These prefixes allow filtering search terms by keywords, website URLs, title keywords, and related terms. As an example, you can type “” to find other websites with similar content.


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