Facebook Trying to Prevent Shootings From Being Streamed


The biggest social network that the world has ever known is Facebook. Nothing else even comes close. It is because of the vastness of Facebook that detecting violent content has become so hard to do. There was a mass shooting in New Zealand earlier this year that was streamed live on Facebook. The original stream was removed rather quickly. The problems came when literally thousands of people posted copies of the shooting footage. Facebook had a very hard time finding all of the videos and taking them down. Facebook received a lot of negative publicity for not taking the videos down sooner than they did.

Facebook is taking steps to make sure that nothing like that ever happens again. They are getting help from various police departments around the United States. They are giving Facebook video footage of cops training with their guns. These videos will then be used to help train a special AI that Facebook is developing that will be designed to seek out and remove videos of mass shootings that were posted against the Facebook policy. The social network currently employs many people in foreign countries to find and remove content that would be objectionable. However, they think having AI to assist in the removal of objectionable content will be a step in the right direction

It remains to be seen if the new AI that Facebook is designing will be effective at seeking out and removing shooting videos. Facebook certainly has a lot at stake where this AI is concerned. They cannot afford to have another mass shooting video be live streamed and remain on the platform for an extended period of time like the one earlier this year in New Zealand. It would be very hard for them to live something like that down if it is allowed to happen for a second time.

It is unclear when the new AI will be ready to use on Facebook. It will probably not be for a while. It is going to take some time to integrate the police training videos into the AI and teach it to find similar videos that have been posted on Facebook. The AI will also need to be tested very thoroughly to ensure that it actually works the way that it is supposed to before it is officially launched. It is good that Facebook is investing this amount of time and resources to this project.


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