Facebook Has Started a Dating App


Online dating is a very popular thing these days. There are literally hundreds of online dating sites around the world. However, the world’s biggest social network is now getting involved in helping you to improve your love life. Facebook has introduced a dating app that is getting a lot of publicity. There had been rumors for a long time that Facebook might be introducing some sort of dating app. However, nothing had happened until now. This is the worst possible scenario for the other major online dating sites in the United States. This is because Facebook has literally millions of users already.

The massive amount of Facebook users will basically guarantee that their new dating app will be a hit. These people who are already on Facebook will most likely just switch over to the dating app that is provided by the social network instead of looking for a different site. This will most likely make the dating app a very big money maker for Facebook. The day that the Facebook dating app debuted was the same day that Tinder and Match shares went down quite a bit. These are two of the biggest names in the online dating world. Now they have some massive competition to deal with. It will be very interesting to see what these two companies do to change their service in an attempt to compete more effectively with Facebook.

When it comes to financial resources, Facebook has more than any of their online dating competitors. This means that they can spend more money to promote the app than their competitors can spend to promote their services. Facebook has a habit of buying smaller companies that they feel are a threat to their business. Therefore, it is very interesting why Facebook did not buy Tinder or Match. Perhaps they made an offer that was not accepted.

Facebook has already said that they expect the response to the new dating app to be huge. It will be interesting to see how many people are willing to use the social media giant to meet people when they have had many data breach scandals in the past. Will people be willing to trust Facebook enough to use the platform for this purpose? There have not been any reviews of the dating app because it was just released. The initial reviews are sure to sway people one way or the other.


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