Apple TV+ Commercials Hit the Emmy Awards


Apple TV+ is coming. The streaming channel heralds Apple’s foray into the new frontier of internet-based television programming. Soon, people won’t be using the words “television” or “TV” when describing such programming. Television may fade into history as online streaming slowly replaces broadcast airings. So, irony exists when Apple debuts two new trailers for Apple TV+ programs at the Emmy Awards.

“Truth be Told” and “Servant” both fall under the thriller/crime categories. Apple TV+’s decision to hype its debut with melodramatic fair is interesting. Sci-fi and action seem to drive interest in streaming channels. Likely, Apple wants to set itself apart from the programming CBS All Access, Netflix, and Amazon Prime present. Targeting an audience interested in psychological thrillers might be a smart move.

Apple TV+ goes live on November 1st. Neither of these two programs, however, become available on that date. Why promote two programs that the commercials’ audience won’t be able to watch right away? Apple’s marketing team may see the Emmy Awards as an opportunity to reach potential subscribers who maintain a narrow interest in a particular type of programming. Apple surely will launch other commercials on other TV programs to reach different audiences with other interests.

The Emmy Awards does draw a viewing audience of millions of viewers. Apple TV+ likely reached people who never knew Apple planned on releasing a streaming platform. Since most platforms offer a free trial, maybe the commercials will nudge the curious into giving it a try.

Apple TV+ does need to stir up interest in its original programming since that is all the company has to offer. Apple TV+ won’t offer a library of classic films or television programs, which might limit the channel’s subscription numbers. Hopefully for the tech giant, running the commercials on the Emmy Awards will generate enough interest that many won’t care about the lack of a library.


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