WWE 2K20 Video Game Details Revealed for October Release


A brand new installment in the popular WWE 2K line of video games was officially revealed on August 5. The WWE 2K20 game becomes available in late October with a host of new features and two playable characters included as bonus content for certain editions of the game.

According to a WWE report, Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns will serve as cover stars on the front of the new WWE 2K20 game. Reigns returned to the ring after leaving for a short while to battle his returning leukemia, making headlines for his triumphant return. Lynch has been a major part of the “Women’s Revolution” in WWE, and was featured in the main event at this past April’s WrestleMania. She ultimately captured both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships in that match.

They’ll now be on the cover together for the Standard and Deluxe editions of WWE 2K20 video game. A third version is a SmackDown 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition featuring a SmackDown-themed box and extra bonus content. That includes part of a real WWE ring skirt along with other bonus items such as playable characters. WWE is promoting Hulk Hogan and the late Chyna among playable characters included in the Deluxe and Collector’s Editions. Hogan was not part of last year’s WWE 2K roster, and Chyna hasn’t been in a WWE wrestling game since 2000.

The cover reveal came with two WWE 2K20 trailer videos. One of those videos is under a minute and is the first WWE 2K20 game trailer. It features real-life stars such as Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Roman Reigns, and Becky Lynch at a dinner party. Brief images of the new gameplay are shown, with the spotlight on cover stars Reigns and Lynch in matches.

In another WWE 2K video that is over three minutes long, WWE superstar Xavier Woods goes over all of the new aspects of the game. That includes a Showcase Mode featuring the Four Horsewomen and the “Women’s Revolution” story, a new Career Mode featuring a created male and female superstar, and the introduction of WWE 2K Originals. This will be special content released for the game after it comes out and during the year.

The new WWE 2K20 video game will arrive on October 22. The Standard Edition costs $59.99, while the Deluxe Edition has a cost of $89.99. The SmackDown 20th Anniversary Edition is $129.99. Pre-orders are currently available for all editions of the game which will be playable on Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Windows PCs. More details on the game are currently available at the official WWE 2K webpage.


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