Trump Opened The Conspiracy Theorist Door And The Russians Hit The Tech Jackpot


Goldman Sachs economists told investors to buckle up for a rocky ride now that China won’t deal with Mr. Trump. Trump wants China to stop supporting companies like Huawei and other big Chinese giants. Trump claims Huawei spies for the Chinese government.

When the president banned Huawei for buying and selling in the U.S. unless American companies have a license from him, American tech companies new there was a little payback in that ban. Trump continues to complain about Silicon Valley and its leftist leanings, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump likes to give Google a good dose of the Trump Twitter clap for not giving him enough attention when he’s not railing about the Democrats or spreading conspiracy theories. Putin thinks Google gave him too much attention when a video of the protests in Russia went viral. Tens of thousands of protestors want the government to hold legitimate elections. But Putin likes to play dirty. He cheats to win elections, according to the protestors.

Trump learned a lot from Putin and Russia while he tried to build his Trump Tower Moscow. He learned cheating to win elections is not the exception; it is the rule, in most parts of the world.

The farmers are neck-deep in Trump’s tariff swamp. But the farmers still believe Trump’s snake oil politics will make the Chinese cry uncle and shower them with orders. The Chinese moved on when Trump made the last tariff threat, according to the New York Times. Brazil, Mexico, and India took over while the farmers let the Trumpster ruin their relationship with their largest trading partner.

The farm contracts disappeared, and the Chinese decided they would dig in and mess with the tech industry. The Chinese devalued the yuan and promised to take the U.S. off the rare earth mineral customer list. Rare earth minerals and competitive prices are important in the tech industry.

But the biggest blunder Trump made was to condone the conspiracy theory about Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein. Russian hackers jumped on social media sites and went to work spreading lies and creating bedlam that divides the country. Even Marco Rubio slipped out of his Trump coma and let people know the Russians are in the country’s political shit. They continue to breakdown democracy from the inside out, according to the Washington Post. Russian hackers use American tech companies as the guns that delivers Russian bullets filled with deception and destruction.


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