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What makes a clever marketing campaign? Better yet, what makes a successful marketing campaign? Is it enough to merely garner interest or should we see that interest funneled into a more tangible result like a sale or sign-up? The answers to these questions are dependent entirely on the purpose of your campaign, which is the first question you should be asking – “Why am I launching this marketing campaign?” When you’ve answered that satisfactorily you can then ask, “What do I want from this marketing campaign?”

Those two questions are essential if you’re going to achieve your idea of success. Once those questions have been explored and answered without any reservation, now you’re ready for the “how.” In other words, how are you going to execute a marketing campaign that is going to result in the “what” that you’ve determined is necessary to fulfill the “why”?

This trio of questions – why, what, how – when answered properly will see your company positioned for the greatest success and return on advertising dollars. No matter how the marketing landscape changes and evolves and what new mediums are invented, this will always hold true.

Speaking of the ever-evolving face of marketing, there are a lot of options available to you, especially when considering those of just a generation ago. It’s widely known that TV is a go-to medium for advertising but is generally closed off from those without hundreds of thousands of dollars to burn. That leaves many to turn to the internet or print as their only means of advertising, but a new evolution in the realm of advertising is threatening to change that and launch us into a more democratic TV advertising model.

NewsWatch TV is a popular and award-winning TV show that has carved a name for itself in the world of advertising. Hitting the airwaves 30 years ago, NewsWatch offers a perfect blend of tech and entertainment reviews delivered on-air by dynamic hosts with keen insight into the modern world. The show in its current iteration is hosted by Andrew Tropeano with regular reporting handled by personalities like Michelle Ison and Susan Bridges. Since its inception the show has been produced by Bridge Communications, LLC, a video and production company operating out of the Washington, D.C. area.

Several Steps Ahead of the Pack

It can be said that any company’s success is due to their ability to watch and, in a way, manipulate trends. By staying vigilant and never failing to innovate, NewsWatch has been able to stay a cut above the competition. Advertising can at times seem stale or repetitive. NewsWatch avoids this kind of rut by keeping their eyes on the horizon and introducing new and unique segments that don’t feel tired and played out. This is evident when looking at their evolution over the years, an evolution which mirrors the state of marketing over the past three decades.

When they started out, NewsWatch was simply a monthly program that delivered financial news. Yes, it was dry, but it was necessary, and they found an audience. But it was clear as the years progressed that this format was too niche, and they were going to have to pivot. That’s when they decided to embrace a more entertainment-oriented show. This served them for a while and garnered them an even larger viewership, but this is a story about evolution and as the tech era came knocking the way in which people consumed media was about to be flipped on its head.

In 2011, NewsWatch settled into their current format as a largely tech-oriented show with regular entertainment reports. They began reviewing tech gadgets and services, introducing audiences to unique stuff they had probably never heard of. They even added an AppWatch section to the show to allow them to review the best and most useful mobile apps across all devices.

A typical episode of the show consists of a variety of segments including the aforementioned tech and app reviews, as well as celebrity interviews from A-list talent (Dwayne Johnson, Chris Pratt, Julianne Moore, etc.) The series of segments dive between paid and unpaid reviews, allowing them to offer a more balanced type of advertising show, a rarity in the sphere.

These kinds of shows aren’t usually known for their transparency and that’s where NewsWatch gets it right. By offering more than one side to a product or service, viewers get true insight into what the best options are for them.

Where Transparency Meets Advertising 

Honesty and transparency are important to today’s audience. Some might say this is because they are more sophisticated or because they’ve “seen every trick in the book.” Whatever the reason, audiences seem to be trained to detect inauthenticity. This is partly why advertising gets a bad rap. Turn on your TV and flip to any channel with advertising. What do you see? What you probably see is an illusion of transparency. When a show is 100% bought and paid for it’s hard to know whether or not you can trust the words or images emanating from that program. Again, this is where NewsWatch differentiates itself.

“Over the years I’ve learned that what our audience cares about the most is honesty. If we like something, tell them why we like it. If we hate something, be honest and say it,” Host and VP of NewsWatch Andrew Tropeano explained in an interview he gave to CEOCFO Magazine. “In the beginning, we felt a responsibility to our audience to only deliver shiny beautiful objects. But over time, we realized that an honest negative opinion is as valuable as an honest positive one.”

If you were to watch any episode of NewsWatch you would see what Tropeano is talking about. In any given episode, the host and on-air personalities highlight and review a number of products, gadgets, services, etc. without any biased slant. They review the product as a user and then report on their feelings and take-away, even if this turns out to be a negative review. This allows viewers to make informed decisions on where they want to spend their hard-earned cash.

By also offering entertainment news and celebrity interviews they’ve got yet another “non-paid” reason for audiences to tune in. And audiences do tune in. Reported numbers suggest the show beams out to about 95 million households across most major U.S. TV markets.

Harnessing the power of social media is a big part of their success as well. By using their presence across numerous networks, they’re able to keep their thumb on the pulse of their audience and deliver accordingly. “I’ve also learned that asking the audience what they care about and what they want to do next is a powerful tool,” Tropeano said in the same interview.

The Future of NewsWatch

 With some pretty major changes to its format over the last 30 years, the recent of which is the most successful, this begs the question – will they change their format once again to stay relevant and cutting-edge? Or taking it even further, will they adopt a more traditional online-only presence? The latter is unlikely, and even if they do, it most likely wouldn’t happen for quite a while as their current format airing primarily on ION and AMC has continued to prove extremely successful and shows no signs of slowing. Though, embracing social media is something they’ve shown themselves adept at and will definitely factor into their future success.

“As someone who saw the rise of Facebook and other social media platforms over the past decade, I know firsthand how important it is that we create a footprint in the online social sphere.” Tropeano said. “And while it’s important to have a presence within the giants of the industry – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. – it’s also critical to realize that there are thousands of other networks we can expand to.”

It’s this viewpoint of “look for what else is out there” that has continued to allow NewsWatch to innovate in a fast-paced world where “innovation” itself is not even an innovative enough word. If they’ve proved anything over the last 30 years, it’s that they know where the cutting-edge is and are often there before others in their field. Their mercurial style and willingness to go where territories have yet to be charted, and where few would dare to even explore for fear of failure, allows them to maintain a strong foothold as a leader in the world of advertising.

“We are agile and smart enough to be able to see a new avenue or industry and pivot toward it,” Tropeano said when speaking of the future of NewsWatch. “The phrase, ‘the world is our oyster’ is cliché, but it’s honestly how we view our work. We can head in any direction we please, and we will. But we will always be honest to who we are and will continue to provide smart and timely news, reviews, and video to our fans and followers.

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