Huawei’s Revenue Grew By 23 Percent Despite Trump’s $30 Billion Ban


Mitch McConnell has a new name now that he professed his complete loyalty to the Trumpster by blocking two Congressional bills that would give the states the money they need to update their voting systems.

Robert Mueller told Congress Russia will interfere will the 2020 election. And Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff told the press Trump knows they will interfere. In one of his 2019 interviews, the president said he would take help from a foreign government if it meant winning the election.

A Fox News reporter called the Kentucky Senator “Moscow Mitch” for not bringing the two election security bills to the Senate floor for debate. Mitch got mad when he heard his new nickname. After all, Mitch doesn’t like Russia, but he has to be careful. He doesn’t want to give Trump the opportunity to treat him like he treats Congressman Elijah Cummings, according to the New York Times. So Mitch blocked two security bills. The country needs them but he blocked the bills because the Democrats sponsored them

Trump’s campaign strategy is to divide the country. He wants to stir his racist pot of racism just like his mentor Roy Cohn taught him to do. He wants his voter base to shower in his personal brand of hateful McCarthyism, according to the Washington Post.

Trump put his own election security system in play when he nominated Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe. Ratcliffe will take over as spy chief if he gets Congressional approval. Ratcliffe doesn’t know squat about the Intelligence Department. And that kind of lame resume works for the Trumpster. He’ll use Ratcliffe like he uses Bill Barr. Ratcliffe’s critics say John is a Trump lapdog.

Steve Mnuchin and Bob Lighthizer want China to sit down and talk. Trump sent his team of bullies to Beijing to close the trade deal, but the Chinese are in no hurry to kiss Trump’s bullying ass, according to the Chinese news agency.

China wants Trump to drop the tariffs and let Huawei back into America’s tech market. Trump wants the Chinese to change their trade laws. Both issues continue to plague the trade talks, according to the Washington Post.

Even though Trump’s ban cost Huawei $30 billion in 2019 revenue, the company had a 23 percent increase in revenue in the first half of 2019. Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhengfei said his company will still be a $100 billion company and Trump will be behind in the 5G race. Huawei got 11 new 5G contracts since the ban. That brings their 5G contract total to 50.


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