Facebook Files Suit After Malware Discovery


Facebook made a decisive turn in the direction of maintaining the platform’s integrity. News recently broke that the social media company has filed suit against two app developers. The focus of the lawsuit is “click injection fraud,” and this is the first lawsuit of its nature.

LionMobi of Hong Kong and JediMobi of Singapore are the two companies named in the suit. Facebook accuses the two companies of installing malware on their Google Play apps. The malware allegedly performed fake clicks on Facebook ads. Supposedly, the fake clicks created revenue for the two app developers.

As a publicly-traded company, Facebook doesn’t want any money illicitly appropriated from company or investor coffers. No one should feel surprised that Facebook’s legal team jumped into action so quickly.

The lawsuit should strike fear into app developers playing with malware and other unwanted programs. Lawsuit defenses cost enormous sums of money. Facebook maintains an overall valuation in the $500 billion range. The company can handle drawn-out lawsuits far better than a small tech company with limited funds. Facebook would need to lose a malicious lawsuit spectacularly for a judge to force the social media company to pay legal a defendant’s legal fees. When an app developer is caught spreading malware, it will be difficult to claim Facebook chose to bring forth a frivolous case. The assessment becomes doubly true when Facebook can prove it suffered financial losses.

Expect any company playing with malware to rethink its current plans. And expect Facebook to reap some positive public relations benefits from the suit.

And Facebook does need some good PR to assist with rebuilding goodwill among its users. Facebook recently paid out a $5 billion fine in the aftermath of a notorious privacy breach scandal. By filing the lawsuit against the app developers, Facebook shows it takes any attempts to game its system seriously. Viruses and malware aren’t welcome. Members might feel a little safer, and Facebook gains a positive shine.


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