Disney+ to Maximize 4K and HDR Leverage


The Disney+ streaming service is coming soon. In three months, the much-ballyhooed platform from the “Mouse House” intends to shake up the online entertainment world. The two biggest worlds to be rocked might be Apple’s and Netflix’s. Apple only recently entered the online streaming business. Netflix, of course, continues to maintain its long-established presence. Disney doesn’t want to play second or third fiddle to any competitor. To maximize Disney+’s success potential, Disney intends to draw in subscribers by offering 4K and HDR resolution.

Decades ago, Walt Disney locked up technicolor for his animation projects. Warner Bros., Fleischer Studios, and others could use the format. Visually, Disney’s competitors lacked something. A somewhat similar situation now play out in the streaming industry.

The sound and picture quality of both 4K and HDR look stunning. Disney intends to offer the formats at no extra charge. Netflix requires subscribers to pay an added price. No secret exists about Netflix’s cash troubles. The company spent incredible sums of money on new, original content. The subscriber numbers aren’t where they should be to cover all the costs. Netflix might find itself forced to lower prices to compete with Disney perception-wise. Doing so would cost Netflix money it desperately needs.

Apple does provide 4K and HDR formats, but it cannot stream any Disney-owned properties in them. So, Apple is taken a notch down in the quality-perception department thanks to Disney’s decision.

Disney’s new streaming platform also intends to pick up the live-action Marvel Comics superhero mantle that Netflix lost. Disney pulled the plug on Netflix’s access to Marvel properties. Disney is the parent company of Marvel Studios. Anyone interested in Marvel streaming content can look towards Disney’s upcoming platform for programs featuring Loki, Scarlet Witch, Moon Knight, and more.

Some may express shock over Disney’s hardball tactics. Insiders probably aren’t surprised. The financial risks of running a streaming platform are immense.


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