Social Media Personalities Invited to White House by President Trump


President Trump held a social media summit in the White House. It had a definite slant towards the conservative side of the aisle. The people who were invited were kept a secret by Trump and his administration. It turns out that both Facebook and Twitter were omitted from the festivities. Instead, the group consisted of people who are known on Twitter for promoting Trump and his agenda. These people all have large groups of followers and are considered to be very influential in the conservative community. Trump also made an announcement that he will be meeting with Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies in the next few weeks. Representatives from Twitter, Trump’s social media platform of choice, already met with Trump in the Oval Office earlier this year.

The main purpose of the summit is to condemn the silencing of many mainstream conservative voices by the major social media companies. Trump has already stated that he is looking into taking legal action against the social media companies because of their behavior towards conservatives by banning them from their respective platforms. Trump says this goes against the First Amendment of the Constitution. He also stated on several occasions that he would not be opposed to regulating social media companies. He believes that they need to have government oversight to make sure all conservative voices are being heard.

President Trump uses Twitter very often. He tweets out news stories that he finds interesting. However, it is mainly a tool that he uses to destroy his political enemies and promote the various aspects of his agenda. He has been very effective at doing this. However, Trump is convinced that Twitter is making it impossible for some people to follow him on the social media platform. During the White House summit, he cited people who have approached him about their inability to follow him. Trump does not believes this is a software glitch. He feels there is a direct effort by Twitter to prevent him from gaining followers.

It remains to be seen how far Trump will go with his threats of regulation and lawsuits against the big social media companies. This might just be a scare tactic to see if the companies blink first. We will know a lot more when Trump meets with these tech giants in the next few weeks. There is no question that Trump will be relying on Twitter during his campaign.


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