Ross Gives Tech Companies The Flashing Yellow Light To Buy And Sell Huawei Products


Mr. Trump made environmentalists give him the finger when he said America’s water is cleanest in the world, and American air is free from all the fossil fuel he keeps pumping into it. Trump wants to keep his coal billionaire donor friends happy, according to the Washington Post. According to the Executive Director of the Sierra Club Michael Brune, Trump’s environmental track records sucks.

President Trump tried to sell his environmental snake oil during one of his Washington speeches by saying his administration will come up with a way to make burning fossil fuels cleaner, without explaining how he plans to do that.

Don McGahn’s assistant, Annie Donaldson sent a bunch of answers back to Congress. Even though all the questions were different, she answered all of them the same way. Annie said Trump won’t let her tell lawmakers how he pushed Don McGahn to fire Bob Mueller when his investigation started. Donaldson kept notes when Trump and McGahn talked about Mueller and other issues. But she has to keep quiet because Trump blocked her from ratting on him.

Attorney General Bill Barr decided he would help the Trumpster get his citizenship question on the 2020 Census. Barr told the press he knows how to reshape Trump’s case, so the Supreme Court will come to Trump’s rescue and allow the question. But Mr. Barr didn’t tell the press how he would reshape a case that has no legal merit. According to the Democrats, Mr. Trump wants the question on the Census to give Republicans an advantage.

Bill has to come up with a case a lower court judge will accept so he can throw away the forms printed without the question and start the process over again with the citizenship question. Most DOJ lawyers and legal experts say Trump won’t win the Census fight. But Barr will come to Trump’s rescue once again.

China wants Trump to stop selling weapons to Taiwan. China’s foreign minister told the press Mr. Trump is quiet about the trade talks because the trade talks are still in limbo until Trump drops the tariffs, stops selling Taiwan weapons, and lifts the ban on Huawei.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said tech companies can sell and buy Huawei products as long as the products are not a threat to national security. The big question is what Huawei products will pass Ross’s security test. Mr. Ross said Huawei would remain on the Entity List which means licenses will be hard to get.

Trump told Ross to act like he lifted the Huawei ban but in reality, doing business with Huawei won’t be easy. Some tech companies say working with Huawei will still be a struggle, according to Reuters.


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