New App Uses Camera’s Phone To Monitor Heart Rate


Researchers have created an app that will patients with heart failure monitor their condition at home. The name of the app is HealthKam. It can be downloaded on your tablet or mobile phone. HealthKam monitors heart rate by detecting the changes in skin color.

It took six years of research to develop this app. Dr. Jeane-Philippe Courec is the CEO of VPG Medical. He stated that you can use this app while you check your Facebook or email. It monitors your heartbeat by using the camera. The data will then be sent to the crowd.

VPG Medical is a health company that is based in Rochester, NY. Angel investors helped fund this company. Gill Tsouri is the CTO of VPG Medical. He stated that it is important to monitor your resting heart rate. If your resting heart rate is high, then this is a sign that you are tired or sick.

People will be able to send the information from the app to their doctor or caregiver. This app is also beneficial for people who are taking medications. This will let doctors know whether they should adjust the medication. It can also tell doctors how well the medication is working.

The app is currently being tested by 90 patients. The only people who are able to download the app now are the ones who receive a recommendation from their doctor. It is important to note that Healthkam is not intended to be a diagnostic device.

Heart failure is a condition that occurs when the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the body’s demands. Most people who have heart failure are over the age of 65. However, it is becoming more common in younger people. Other risk factors for heart disease include obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and people who have had a heart attack in the past.


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