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LocationSmart Data Services

The need to manage mobile devices and electronic interfaces in a controlled and efficient manner is paramount in today’s modern world. This need provides a strong motivation for developers of both business and consumer applications to identify and implement solutions that enable the needed management through location insights, access controls, transaction verifications, device profiling and fraud prevention capabilities. LocationSmart gives its customers that and more through a secure, multi-source, cloud-based approach utilizing a powerful API platform that works even without an installed application on the device. Their technology extends to providing real-time location insights for connected devices across the globe including smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets and M2M/IoT assets.

LocationSmart Provides Essential Accessibility

LocationSmart offers the industry’s most comprehensive Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform. As the world’s largest LaaS company, LocationSmart provides location intelligence for businesses that offer mobile engagement services across devices that connect to consumers, workers and assets.

As a leader in the cloud location services market for connected devices, the company serves a range of clients that includes the Fortune 500 as well as entrepreneurial startups. By changing the ways that companies can conduct business to be more productive and efficient, LocationSmart offers the “most comprehensive cross-carrier platform” for a range of needs and delivers the “broadest reach and largest overall footprint in the market”, making adoption both practical and easy.

Achieving Increased Efficiencies

A report by Cisco estimates that by 2021 people around the world will utilize four or more connected devices each day. Insights about the unique IP address that identifies devices and their location when they connect to a computer network gives businesses a tremendous advantage that can increase efficiencies in powerful ways. IP geolocation and other insights can make it possible for businesses to retrieve relevant information to optimize internal processes and expand capabilities that can lead to improved bottom lines and more compelling services for their end users.

Preventing Online Fraud
Businesses can expand the current use of IP location and IP intelligence to more effectively deter online fraud. IP address identification is already a routine practice that businesses employ when customers log in to their online accounts. When used in conjunction with LocationSmart’s IP based insights that provide information about the location of a device and whether it uses anonymizers, proxies or hosting facilities, the potential for fraud detection is greatly increased. With the knowledge that these factors provide, businesses can implement new protocols to freeze accounts, activate step up protocols, or deny service temporarily in order to avoid and prevent fraudulent activities while helping to increase customer confidence and satisfaction rates.

Using Geo-targeted Advertising to Engage Customers
Device IP geolocation can help businesses offer a personal touch to customers through convenience, speed of operation and recognition of relevant factors. Knowledge of a customer’s location can make a service appear personalized and timely, factors that tend to create a favorable impression. Benefits of “location-specific personalization” can make website localization produce better response rates just by displaying the appropriate language, type of currency, products or promotions that customers can find in their area.

Observing Copyright Protection
The number of devices that users own and the ease of internet access increase the difficulty in preventing misuse of published materials or licensed content. However, IP geolocation offers unique protection. Businesses can use it to restrict access or allow it as circumstances require, and the geographic location of the connected device provides a basis for exclusion. With better protection for the distribution of digital content, businesses can better manage the licensing process, distribution agreements and compliance with regulations.

Managing Traffic and Network Security
IP geolocation can assist with network management and traffic supervision and does not involve cookies, additional privacy disclosures or invasive practices. Businesses can gain an advantage against online attacks by automatically detecting suspicious or malicious activity through real-time geolocation by restricting access from unknown locations or unauthorized proxies.

Complying with iGaming Regulations
Operators of iGames and mobile lotteries must comply with state and local guidelines that ensure player eligibility by requiring their location to be within approved boundaries. Businesses can use a player’s real-time IP location and routing type to ascertain whether their area allows bets, accepts tickets or makes payouts. The near-instant recognition that the service provides helps businesses to comply with regulations and prevent customer frustration in the iGaming experience.

Benefiting from Technological Advances in Asset Tracking

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers a never-imagined level of connectivity of devices, expected to exceed 30 billion by 2020 and twice that many by 2025, according to Statista. Businesses in the transportation, supply chain and logistics sectors have a great opportunity to expand into international markets, but face the challenge of “tracking and monitoring global assets” which can create a nearly overwhelming and expensive task. Luckily, LocationSmart offers a cost-effective location solution with its Global Site ID (GSID) that can help businesses achieve global monitoring and protection of assets.

Understanding GSID
LocationSmart offers a service through its cloud-based platform that provides “geolocation data that enhances fleet and asset tracking” as well as M2M/IoT and transportation/logistics applications across over 200 countries. Businesses can use it to find any device that can report cell site parameters, including CDMA, GSM, LTE and WCDMA or details of Wi-Fi access points around the world. This service assures businesses have the ability to identify the location of their connected devices anywhere in world, even when roaming and all without the power drain, cost or intermittent reliability issues of a traditional GPS solution.

Offering an unprecedented level of visibility about assets, GSID prevents gaps in location reporting that can introduce undetected losses that damage the bottom line. Businesses can know the location of any asset whenever connectivity exists, enjoying the reassurance that GSID enables the monitoring of high-value assets throughout the “transit lifecycle.” Businesses with products such as ATMs, industrial equipment, pharmaceuticals, security panels, vending machines and many more can depend on GSID to provide visibility through accurate tracking of physical assets.

Accepting the Reality of Connectivity

The access to real-time location data that LocationSmart offers fills a crucial need that helps businesses succeed. LocationSmart provides great visibility for asset and load tracking, gaming compliance, roadside assistance, toll-free call routing, transaction verification, workforce management and many other essential services. LocationSmart’s carrier-grade security and “comprehensive privacy controls” ensure the trust that boosts consumer confidence.

Connected devices represent the present and the future as the number and variety of these devices continues to grow. While it may seem like a sci-fi movie to experience the present level of connectivity, users and businesses alike must face its existence as real and essential. The location awareness and connection insights that LocationSmart enables provide a critical service applicable to hundreds of use cases. This advanced technology offers the knowledge that business owners need to run a company efficiently while securely offering convenient, ubiquitous and compelling services to their end users.

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