Latest News About Neuralink, The Tech StartUp That Will Merge Humans With The AI


Elon Musk’s Neuralink implant will “merge” humans with AI

Elon Musk, the former CEO of Neuralink, has made a recent presentation to uncover the latest advancements of Neuralink. As a tech entrepreneur, this project is fundamental as a solution for the future expansion of artificial intelligence in all market sectors.

The exponential evolution of technology is solving more and more daily problems, improving our experience. Unfortunately, that means that fewer solutions provided by people can compete with these technological initiatives, which creates a concerning issue for the jobs of many workers.

Elon Musk perceives the fusion with the AI as the only practical solution to avoid the complete replacement of human beings. We will go through the latest discoveries made in Neuralink showed in the public presentation.

The Progress Of Neuralink For A Digital World

The team of engineers has already been working on a prototype to register the patterns with an electronic device. For example, this technology could serve to pair our body responses with a phone, a tablet, or a virtual panel, controlling it with a previously programmed sensor structure.

Inversely, you could influence the condition of the body by regulating it with a special controller. What that does is creating endless surgical opportunities to improve the treatment of patients.

Those devices could be anything, from artificial organs to 3d arm structures. When questioning the possibilities that Neuralink creates, the major benefit is beating all our biological limitations and become a more efficient human being, whether it means improving physical resistance or enhanced mental processing.

How Would That Technology Work?

The Neuralink team presented an electronic product that would record our brain activity and patterns to include them later in an AI system. You should wear these electrodes for a specific period of time to gather enough information. Then, you can use a wireless device in your ear, which registers the electrical fields created by the neurons in the brain and convert them into a signal for exterior devices.

This temporary implant is completely safe and painless and will be tested for the first time in 2020.
For the next few years, Neuralink expects to complete the symbiosis with artificial intelligence, which would bring human beings new levels of improvement.

Now that they have uncovered a proven method to encode the brain’s information, the next part of the project in creating an interactive digital platform between the brain and the AI. You can visit Neuralink to learn more about the future development events listed on the dashboard.


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