How a New Video Game Educates Inexperienced Drivers


People play video games for a wide variety of reasons. Certain people enjoy the fun they experience after playing video games. Others might play these games for help with hand to eye coordination or to lower their stress levels. However, a new video game is helping to prepare young drivers to get behind the wheel of an automobile.

The Man Behind Driving Essentials XE
News station KRON reports that the man behind this game is Bob Davis. Bob Davis has been working on driver’s education games since 2005. These games aim to educate inexperienced drivers. In his latest release, Driving Essentials XE, players can take on a wide variety of challenges. Davis wanted to make sure this game was available to as many people as possible. In many cases, these types of games are only available for use in educational facilities. However, you don’t need to enroll in a special type of course to play this game. Instead, you’ll find that Driving Essentials XE is a game that’s available on both Xbox One and PS4 gaming consoles for $39.

Important Features of This Educational Game
This game features 10 levels, all of which mimic real-world driving situations. Also, players will experience what it’s like to drive in several types of weather conditions. There’s even a level in this game that warns drivers of the dangers of distracted driving. This level allows players to realize how dangerous it is to drive while interacting with a mobile phone.

In closing, people wanting to practice driving don’t have to hop in a car. Instead, you can obtain this type of practice by playing a new simulation game known as Driving Essentials XE. This game teaches players how to drive in a wide variety of real-world situations. Also, Driving Essentials XE features levels taking place on highways, residential, rural, and off-road settings. These features allow drivers to obtain valuable experience in the privacy of their own homes.


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