Hearst Magazines Releasing A New Fitness App


Hearst Magazines recently announced that it would be creating a subscription video on demand service. They will also be releasing a new fitness app called All Out Studio. The app will be available on July 11. You can use it on Apple TV and your mobile phone.

All Out Studio has over 35 hours of content. It features workouts from several Hearst Brands including “Women’s Health”, “Men’s Health”, “Prevention” and “Runner’s World.”

Sheel Shah is the VP of consumer products for Hearst Magazines. He stated that people want to see a variety of workouts. That is why they have created an entire library of content that people will be able to access. They sent out email surveys and asked people about the content that they want to see. Seventy-five percent of them stated that they wanted to see more guided health content.

There are 15 guided workout programs including “Amped,” “Kettlehell” and “Supershred.” These classes were created just for the app. It costs $100 per year to use this app. A monthly subscription is available for $15.

The creators of the app hope that it will be available on other streaming services this year such as Roku. Dan Glassman is the new senior director of customer revenue. The team will monitor the success of the fitness app. Sheel stated that if the app is successful, then they will release it on other streaming services.

Print media is becoming less popular these days. That is why publishers are forced to turn to other avenues to make money. Conde Nast, which is another publisher, recently announced that they have started two OTT channels. They are in the process of starting a third one.

Buzzfeed and other publishers were created in the internet generation. They know how to reach their target audience.


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