Endgame Gear’s XM1 – Fastest Gaming Mouse in the World?



It is no secret that the gaming world is constantly seeing new forms of technology appear within the industry. Several gaming sites, including PCGamer, have mentioned that the all new XM1 gaming mouse can reduce the reaction time for players in first-person games by a significant margin.

Product Review – Endgame Gear’s XM1 Mouse

After hearing the initial claims regarding the XM1 mouse, you might be curious if it is actually capable of living up to expectations. The XM1 mouse utilizes patented technology to provide users with the opportunity to achieve an incredible reaction time. This is particularly useful in competitive online games or other forms of eSports.

This device is equipped with five different buttons, including a scroll wheel. The innovative design of this mouse is certainly intriguing, but is it unique enough to make it one of the best mouse’s in the gaming industry? This is certainly a difficult question to answer, although it might be more accurate to call it one of the best response-time mouse’s currently on the market.

As far as specifications go, the XM1 claims to achieve reaction times of just 1 millisecond. An average gaming mouse ranges from anywhere between 8 ms and 64 ms.


The final questions that customers should ask themselves before purchasing this brand new XM1 mouse, is whether it is worth the price. To be fair, it is relatively affordable for the specifications that it has integrated into its design.

It certainly might be a great choice for hardcore competitive players that are always looking for an edge within the gaming industry. Users can pick up this brand new XM1 mouse approximately $50 at several online retailers.


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