Amazon Prime Day Is Met with Employees Striking


The biggest online retailer in the United States has a big problem on their hands. Amazon had literally thousands of workers walk out of fulfillment centers around the United States just as their massive Prime Day event was set to begin. Prime Day is an annual event that is exclusively for members of Amazon Prime. Some of the best deals of the year are available at that time. Despite the name, Prime Day actually takes place over two days. This year, it will be on the 15th and 16th of July. It is not clear at this time how all of the workers going on strike will impact Prime deliveries being made on time.

Workers at Amazon fulfillment centers in Minnesota have planned to stop working for six hours to bring attention to the very poor working conditions they are subjected to. Germany is also a very big market for Amazon. In fact, only the United States is bigger for the online retail giant. Therefore, Amazon workers in Germany are also planning to strike on Prime Day. The employees are hoping that the media coverage Prime Day is receiving will also cause their protests to get the attention they deserve.

Workers at Amazon fulfillment centers have complained for many years about not having enough bathroom breaks and having to meet very high quotas of packages that have been fulfilled. There is also the issue of low pay. That is the core issue of the Amazon employee protests in Germany. It should be noted that none of the employees who are striking have called for people to not buy things from Amazon during Prime Day. Amazon has not commented on the protests or their impact on customer orders. There are rumors that many more Amazon employees around the world will join the Prime Day protests.

Amazon might be reaching the breaking point regarding the treatment of their workers. The company has become very successful because of the speed with which orders are fulfilled. However, that speed comes at a high cost. Workers are pushed to their physical brink by working very long shifts where speed is the name of the game. In many cases, employees are forced to take pain medication just to get through their shift. These conditions will not be able to continue as they are now. Something will have to give. Perhaps people will stop shopping at Amazon.


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