World of Warcraft Launches New Content Soon


World of Warcraft fans rejoice: the long-awaited patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara, will roll out on Tuesday, June 25.

Blizzard claims that this will be one of the biggest patches they’ve ever released. It will introduce two brand-new zones for players to quest through.

Nazjatar is the realm of Queen Azshara, one of Warcraft’s long-standing villains. There, gamers will encounter all new factions and storylines as well as a continuation of the ongoing war campaign — the battle between World of Warcraft’s two player-chosen factions.

The other new realm, Mechagon, is filled with world quests, new mounts and pets, and what’s sure to be an epic PVP area. It also includes a new dungeon, Megadungeon – Operation: Mechagon. According to Blizzard, this will be a longer, more complex dungeon in line with Legion’s Karazhan.

Patch 8.2 offers some major overhauls to various Battle for Azeroth systems. The Heart of Azeroth will have a completely new progression system with essences. Players will be able to obtain essences through questing, PVP, and PVE. Each one has several ranks that give players additional abilities to use.

Also coming in 8.2 is Pathfinder: Part 2, an achievement that allows players to fly in Battle for Azeroth content. Of special interest is the fact that this will allow flying in the two new zones.

Professions are getting an upgrade with new recipes and materials. The max level will go from 150 to 175.

Season 3 of Battle for Azeroth will begin on July 9. A whole new raid, Azshara’s Eternal Palace, will be released. Also on this date, dungeons will see an increase in difficulty for M+.

For collectors, Rise of Azshara offers a wealth of new items. There are new pets to collect and pet tamers to battle. There’s also a new pet dungeon. Both of the new zones are packed with mounts, toys, and pets.


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