NHL 20 Reveals Cover Athlete, Release Date, Features


One of the popular sports titles in the lineup for EA Sports is the NHL franchise. It features players from the National Hockey League, the ability to create your own players, and realistic game action. With NHL 19 now out for nearly a year, it’s time for the arrival of a new title, and NHL 20 has now been announced.

This past week at the NHL Awards, Auston Matthews was revealed as the NHL 20 cover athlete. The Toronto Maple Leafs star is still early in his career, but is a rising talent who will carry the torch as the face of the game. Previous cover athlete PK Subban of the Nashville Predators was on hand to introduce Matthews at the awards show from Las Vegas, Nevada. While Matthews is playing for a Canadian team, he grew up in the United States in Arizona.

With the unveiling of the NHL 20 cover also came a new game trailer now showing on YouTube. It features Matthews, shots of in-game action, and other star players. It’s not the full gameplay trailer, but at the very least gives sports video game enthusiasts and an early glimpse of what’s to come.

Among the new features or tweaks added to the game (per NBC Sports NHL), are the addition of coaches (non-licensed) and post-win celebrations. The game also promises new signature shots added to the game, and there are likely to be more details revealed in the coming weeks leading up to release.

That release date is slated for September 13, 2019. However, the EA NHL webpage lists out several higher-priced editions that will allow for receiving the game three days earlier. These are the Ultimate and Deluxe editions. The game is currently showing as available for pre-order for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One consoles. So far, there are no details shown for Nintendo Switch or possibly PC versions of the game.

Either way, hockey gaming fans have to be excited about the potential that’s there. Most are looking towards improved gameplay and possibly better overall microtransactions for the Hockey Ultimate Team mode in the game. Time will tell if NHL 20 brings those tweaks that gamers want.


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