New App Is Designed To Reduce Gun Violence


Syracuse residents will soon have a new app that is designed to reduce gun violence. The name of the app is “Hello Syracuse”, and it will launch during Syracuse’s Juneteenth celebration. Timothy Jennings-Bey is the creator of the app. Adam Peruta is the one who developed the app.

Tim has been doing advocacy work in Syracuse for the past 20 years. He has focused a lot of his attention on neighborhood crime and violence. He is also a member of the Trauma Response Team. He is often the first person to arrive on the scene when there is a crime. He also strives to bring hope and healing to people who have lost a loved one due to gun violence. Tim stated that it is time to look at the community and see what needs to be changed.

That is why Tim was inspired to create the app. The mobile app will send out safety alerts. People will get notifications when there are gunshots in the area. People will also get notifications that will tell them if their family members are safe. When bullets fly, many innocent people are hit. People may be hit while they are walking or in their cars.

However, Tim stated that safety is not the only goal of the app. He also wants to bring the community together. People can use the app to get information about Syracuse. They can also upload pictures of themselves while they are at an event. The photos will be posted on social media.

Tim hopes that the app will help people come up with solutions to keep their community safe. Additionally, people can use the app to find volunteer opportunities and counseling services. The app will be available in all of the app stores after it launches this weekend.


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