Israeli Forensics Company’s Claim Leads Apple to Issue Warning to Iphone, Ipad Users


An Israeli forensics company has come out with a bold claim leading tech giant Apple to issue a warning to their many iPhone and iPad users. It appears that the Israeli company has found a way to hack into the devices, which has caused reason for worry.

A report via Forbes’ Gordon Kelly indicates that the company Cellebrite out of Israel has made the claim. They indicate they can break into any version of iOS and that includes the new updated iOS release. The company goes on to say they are able to do a “full file system extraction on any iOS device.”

The company was in the spotlight three years ago for helping bring the San Bernardino killer to justice after cracking his iPhone 5c for the FBI. However, the fact that they are claiming to be able to get into the iPhones and iPads is alarming. There’s believed to be approximately 1.4 billion users worldwide.

Cellebrite first came about 20 years ago for data extraction and analysis. While there’s always the potential that their technology gets into the wrong hands, right now they only market and sell their tools to law enforcement agencies.

Celebrate has also gone on record to say the hacking is only able to be done with the phone in one’s presence. That means their method doesn’t work as a remote hacking into people’s phones from elsewhere. Forbes also mentions that the Cellebrite kit was selling on eBay for $100 or so, which could be a further reason for concern.

Android users may also have a reason for concern. According to PCMag’s report, Cellebrite can also unlock and perform an extraction on high-end Android devices. That includes the popular Samsung S6, S7, S8, and S9. It also includes models made by Huwai, LG, and Motorola.

As of this report, Apple stock (AAPL) was trading for $192.74. It was down $1.41 or 0.73 percent after Friday’s trading session.


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