China Wants Canada To Release Meng Wanzhou Or Suffer The Trade Consequences


China has Canada in a full-court press. The Chinese stopped buying Canadian canola oil when Canada followed Trump’s instructions and arrested Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei for breaking sanction laws. Meng Wanzhou is Ren Zhengfei, daughter. Ren and President Xi are tight.

China told Canada they need to release Meng right away or they can kiss their trade relationship goodbye. China stopped buying Canadian meat and arrested two Canadians living in China to retaliate. Trudeau went to Washington before the G20 Summit to tell Trump Canada wants to release Meng.

Trump knows releasing Meng will ease tension. He also knows he has to deal with his Huawei ban. Several major U.S. tech companies want Trump to release the Huawei ban. The Chinese won’t sign a trade agreement unless Trump releases the ban and lowers the tariffs, according to the Chinese news agency.
Mr. Trump has to show progress in the trade talk debacle. In order to do that, he will have to change his negotiating strategy, according to the New York Times.

Eric Trump got a feel for what Chicago thinks of the Trumps when a server in a high-end cocktail bar spit in his face. Eric said the server was mentally ill. Anyone who would spit in the Emperor’s son face can’t be too smart, according to Eric. The secret service came to Eric’s rescue. The server was in handcuffs, but she still signed autographs on the way to jail, according to the other servers.

Bob Mueller said he would make an appearance in front of the House Intelligence and Judicial Committees. He plans to answer questions from committee members on July 17th. Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff wants to know why Mueller didn’t nail Trump for colluding with the Russians. Schiff claims Trump colluded with the Russians openly during the 2016 campaign.

Putin plans to have one of those private one-on-one conversations with Trump at the summit. Putin wants Trump to stop provoking Iran, and he wants Trump to make a deal with Kim Jon Un. Mr. Putin believes Trump uses tariffs and sanctions as weapons of war, according to the Washington Post.

The president also uses his mouth as a weapon. He told Fox News Mueller was up to no good when he was the FBI director. Mr. Trump said Mueller destroy the emails that two FBI agents sent to each other about what a dick he is.

Trump has no proof that Mueller acted illegally in any of his FBI related decisions. Mr. Trump wants to discredit Mueller before Bob sits down with Congress and tells lawmakers how much sleaze he uncovered during his Trump investigation.


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