China Inquires Publicly to FedEx About Unsent Huawei Packages in United States


In recent weeks, Huawei has been banned as a potential option for government agencies at the federal level in the United States to choose as manufacturers of their electronic products. The company, one of the largest smartphone and telecom equipment manufacturers in the world, has formally spoken out against the trade restriction on the company.

Out of concerns that the company shared information derived from customers who used their products was automatically sent to officials within the Chinese government as part of the country’s long-running, unfair, widespread “stealing” of in-house trade secrets and technology of United States-based businesses that chose to do business with its manufacturers.

The People’s Republic of China formally asked United States transportation company FedEx why had the company not sent out a package from the United Kingdom to the United States out of concern.

It appears that the accident could be bad for business for FedEx operations within, to and from China. FedEx took the step of publicly apologizing to China yesterday,M Monday, June 24, 2019.

Huawei spoke out publicly against FedEx, accusing the company of holding a “vendetta,” per a tweet cast by Huawei’s official Twitter account.

In the United States, as long as Huawei products from around the world are not on their way to official Huawei company facilities as named by the United States Entity List.

You can see a picture of the package readily online, which shows a label reading “return to sender.” However, FedEx asserts that the company was not responsible for creating the label. The package successfully landed in the United States, specifically in Illinois, after leaving the United Kingdom, for just five hours before being shipped back.

Just a few weeks ago, the People’s Republic of China set out on a formal investigation after the Memphis, Tennessee-based transportation giant earlier failed to keep four packages that were attached with documents generated by Huawei and marked with their origin from being sent back to their international origins across Asia.

According to FedEx, the company had also not intentionally rerouted the packages for delivery across the Asian continent.


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