Apple Releases New Noise App


Apple recently announced that there is now a noise app available. It will monitor the noise that is surrounding the device. If it gets too loud, then a person will receive a notification. This is not the first time that an app like this has been released. Android devices and other iOS devices also have noise-monitoring features.

Last year, Apple announced that they would be releasing a variety of features that would make their product easier and safer to use. Screen Time was one of the apps that Apple released last year. It is designed to limit the amount of time that people spend on their devices.

Brett Kennedy is a clinical psychologist. He specializes in device and digital media addiction. He stated that we now see the relationship that people have with technology. He also said that there are positives and negatives that come along with using technology.

There has been a lot of public awareness made about the dangers of noise pollution and how it can cause hearing problems. In February, the World Health Organization stated that sound level tracking should be used. The organization also stated that people should limit th8e amount of noise that they are exposed to.

The Noise app, which is used for your Apple Watch, will buzz if you are exposed to noise that is too loud. It will also warn you about the problems that can result if you are exposed to noise that is too loud.

Kelly King is an audiologist who works for the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. She believes that the app will be very useful. She stated that because hearing loss often occurs gradually, many people do not realize that they have suffered hearing loss until later. Even though Kelly believes that the app will benefit people, she also thinks that it needs extra support.


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