An Ecofriendly Summer Picnic With Brandless


The glorious days of summer are here! The weather is nice, the birds are singing, and everyone seems happier with all that sunlight-induced vitamin D and serotonin surging through their system. What better way to celebrate this wonderful season than with a picnic, right? Whether you plan your picnic weeks in advance or decide to have one on the spur of the moment because, hey, it’s summer, Brandless offers several products that will make your summer picnics even better!

Have you ever felt a little guilty when you’re cleaning up after a picnic and throwing all those plastic cups away? What about when a big gust of wind blows your paper plates away and out of reach? Do you get a little depressed when you see a plastic fork floating in the lake? Picnics are loads of fun but most of us now realize that we all need to do our part to keep plastics and paper out of landfills and out of waterways and oceans. On this front, there is good news! Brandless offers ecofriendly alternatives to plastic cutlery and plates and cups made from plastic or paper.

Brandless offers a nice line of 100 percent compostable plates made from sugarcane fibers. This means they can be as easily composted in your backyard compost as your garden waste. Brandless’ Bagasse Sugarcane Fiber Plates come in two sizes. The seven inch size is perfect for desserts, hot dogs, and burgers. The nine inch size is perfect for those more elaborate picnics where you’re serving up a main dish and several sides. Both sizes are sturdy enough to handle heavy food. Brandless also offers bowls made from the same compostable material. Note too that these Brandless plates and bowls contain no toxins, like chlorine, that are usually found in disposable plates and bowls.

Brandless offers “disposable” forks, spoons, and knives made from biodegradable plant-based materials, not from petroleum like most plastic utensils sold and used at picnics. They’re sturdy enough to be reused several times as well which makes them even more earth friendly should you choose to take this extra “green” step. Brandless offers sturdy compostable cups that are suitable for cold beverages, like summertime lemonaide, and hot beverages, like coffee. These Brandless cups even come with a non-toxic recyclable paper sleeve for protecting hands from super hot liquids — hot cocoa around a campfire anyone?

You can also purchase all of these green items from Brandless as a “Compostable Picnic Bundle” which will also include Brandless Tree Free Napkins! They will make your summertime picnics more enjoyable because you will know you’re doing your part to move toward a more ecofriendly lifestyle. You’ll also be setting a good example for your kids and others who you invite to your picnic.

We all need to think about the future and how what we do today affects the health of our planet in the next few decades and centuries to come. One of the reasons we have some much toxic plastic around is the price tag of ecofriendly products are often much higher than cheap plastic. However, Brandless provides economical green products that make it more affordable to do what we all know is the right thing to do.

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