What Does Steven Stolen Plan On Using His Platform For?


Having done most of his studies in Indianapolis, one of the biggest centers for animal-assisting business in the United States, Steven Stolen has become very familiar with the animal industry. He has essentially dedicated his entire life to helping them, and the fact that his devotion to the business has gone unrecognized for so many years is quite surprising. Every day, he has brought something new to the table when it comes to helping animals. He always develops new strategies that will be able to effectively expand his operations and influence, and his ability to do this effectively has garnered him a lot of respect in his industry.

Part of the industry behind Steven Stolen has fallen to corruption, which is something that he views in a very regretful light. He thinks that many of the people who brought the state of the animal industry to the place it is today were not necessarily aware of all the damage they were doing to it, but to him, being unaware that you are doing something wrong does not justify the wrongdoing in the first place. In his mind, businesses ought to act on the principle of prudence. This is to say that they should not act if they are unsure of the consequences of the mentioned action.

Unfortunately, many people involved in business at large do not follow this principle. Many of them, in fact, only become interested in the industry in the first place because they are given a chance to put everything they have on the line. It is unfortunate to Steven Stolen, as a man who is known for his shrewdness, to see all the tomfoolery that goes down deep within the bowels of the business industry, specifically the part of it that manages animal shelters. It is ironic to him that so many people claim to enter business so they can help animals and then in actuality end up putting their lives at risk. In his eyes, people ought to be entirely passionate about whatever they are doing.

Work, to Steven Stolen as CEO, is a necessary part of life. Though he understands why so many people want to be able to be self-sustaining without having to do anything, he also thinks that this is a flawed goal because the pursuit of happiness does not end upon acquiring possessions. No one is more in tune with this fact than himself, having spent much of his life wondering why he had such a hard time reaching this divine happiness plateau of legend.

Something Steven Stolen eventually had to realize was that work does not really ever end so long as life continues to go on. Once he realized this, he stopped trying to escape work and started focusing on how he might be able to apply pressure to certain aspects of his work in order to make his reach on the world even greater than it already is. He hopes to be able to utilize the platform he has garnered to improve the state of things around him.

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