The History And Success Of Telebrands


AJ Khubani, founder and CEO of Telebrands, is passionate about his job. It’s the kind of passion that has transferred to his entire team. Khubani has spoken of the excitement he feels when a product is shown on TV and receives a great response from the public. This is especially true when it’s something that was produced by Telebrands.

Khubani launched the company in 1983 right after college, with money that he earned by working several jobs while in school. One of his first endeavors was an ad that he placed in the National Enquirer. He thought the $7,000 ad would make him millions of dollars, but instead, he just broke even. Although that experience didn’t yield the results he’d hoped for, it did spark enthusiasm and generate more business ideas.

Khubani continued to grow as an entrepreneur, launching Telebrands in 1987. The company experienced growth in 1989 when it promoted a product for Herman’s Sporting Goods that ended up making a million dollars. It was at that point that the effectiveness of direct TV marketing for retail businesses became clear. The success that Khubani experienced necessitated packaging for products, which is when the “As Seen On TV” campaign was developed. Three decades later, Khubani is still experiencing the success that he’d hoped for many years ago.

As the leader of TV infomercials worldwide, Telebrands has marketed products that have sold billions of dollars. Along the way, the company has established a talented team of professionals to manage their key functions. Some of the products marketed by the company have become a household name. Ped Egg, OrGreenic Cookware, Who Knew Books, and others have excelled in the marketplace. In fact, the Ped Egg was actually created internally and has sold approximately 50 million units, and counting.

AJ Khubani is also passionate about helping inventors get their ideas up and running. They understand that one person’s idea can possibly change the world – it’s happened before and will happen again. Many product ideas are submitted for review every year. The company then chooses some of the products for testing through infomercials. While not every product will be a success, there are some inventors that have in fact achieved their goal of getting their product out to the masses.

Products marketed by Telebrands are in more than 70 different countries around the globe. The company isn’t slowing down. In fact, they are more excited then ever about the possibilities and the future. It’s one of the reasons why so many inventors are presenting their ideas for testing. Just as Khubani followed his dreams three decades ago, other entrepreneurs are pursuing their dreams today, and Khubani is excited about supporting their endeavors.

After all of these years, the possibilities for growth at Telebrands remains endless. As long as people have fresh new ideas, there’s a chance that they will resonate with the public. Khubani encourages inventors to develop products that solve problems experienced by people every day. It is, and always has been, what sets the stage for a success story.

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