President Trump Criticizes Social Media in Wake of Facebook Bans


President Donald Trump seems to have a love/hate relationship with social media. He uses Twitter on a daily bases to promote his agenda and obliterate his enemies. However, he has been increasingly critical of Twitter and social media in general over the past few months. This is as a result of what he believes to be a liberal bias. That belief was only enhanced with the recent news that Facebook had completely banned seven people for what it determined to be hate speech. Some of the people are known to have far right beliefs. This sent Trump into one of his patented Twitter tirades. The president said that he is not happy about the situation and he is monitoring it closely. He is not happy about American citizens being silenced because of their beliefs.

There have been other incidents in recent days that have only served to inflame President Trump’s anger towards social media. For example, the Twitter account of actor James Woods has been shut down. A spokesperson for Twitter said that a tweet sent out by Woods violated their rules. Therefore, his Twitter account will remain shut down until he deletes the tweet in question. Trump mentioned the Woods situation as an example of how conservatives are being singled out on social media in an effort to silence them. Twitter says it is totally impartial when it comes to enforcing their rules.

President Trump was able to get a lot of his frustrations off his chest during a recent Oval Office meeting with Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey. Prior to the meeting, Trump said that he believed that Twitter was behaving in a discriminatory manner. Ironically, he said this in a tweet. However, he later said the meeting with Dorsey and his staff went very well. He also said that he wants to have an open dialogue with the social media company.

There is no telling what will happen next regarding the banning of outspoken extremists by social media companies. There is no question that Facebook and Twitter will play very large roles in the upcoming 2020 presidential election in the United States. Therefore, Trump must tread lightly because he needs to have these companies on his side. However, having the president weigh in on an issue like banning extremists like Alex Jones takes the debate to a whole new level of publicity and media scrutiny.


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