Paul Griff: Not Just Your Ordinary Masseur


Giving light to the title of serial entrepreneur, Paul Griff is one dedicated individual who builds his businesses on the concept of helping people. If you’ve ever visited Mosaic Spas, then you’ve been indulged in the success of Paul Griff. He has built a career on being an out of the box thinker who is responsive to the community around him. Developing a fool-proof system for new businesses owners to breakthrough in the spa industry, he’s a man that is responsible for the success of many others.

Paul Griff started his career with the desire to work in the massage industry. He was drawn to its ability to help people feel better and become more healthy in life. He had a strong urge to ensure that all customers would receive the best possible service from his business and products. With the help of curiosity, willingness to explore others, and passion for business, he has crafted one of the most well-known spa chains in the world.

Instead of endeavoring as a cookie-cutter strip mall massage parlor, Paul Griff decided that he would spend his time developing a truly unique massage business that would make a difference in the lives of his customers. He spent many years traveling around talking with some of the most successful masseurs in the industry. He was curious to know their difficulties getting started and took in suggestions about how to make the industry easier for newcomers.

Paul Griff, through his knowledge, has since transformed the massage industry. Alongside his wife Nancy, he has developed a full-proof system to help new entrepreneurs create a highly-successful massage business of their own. Through his brand name, Mosaic Spas, he offers a step-by-step system to get budding entrepreneurs the success they want and deserve. His program offers unique packages that allow for flexible operating options that can be tailored to the needs of the individual area and entrepreneur.

He takes pride in helping those who have a passion for business to set up their own successful massage parlors all around the globe. Talking with any one of his chain store owners, you’ll be sure to understand how much they thank Paul Griff for providing them with the knowledge and skills they needed to be profitable. Since Mosiac Spas is a global store chain, new owners are always welcome to join the Griff business design. Just about anyone who has a passion can learn from Paul’s easy to follow system.

As the years continue to go by, Griff continues to hone in on making his system more streamlined than ever before. He knows that the business environment is ever-changing and new challenges always present themselves. By staying on top of the massage industry, he’s better able to help those who are part of his chain craft continually successful businesses. The true genius behind his full-proof system is that it allows the daily hassles of operations and management to be minimized while maximizing the amount of time business owners spend on their client experience.


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