Mina Gerowin’s Career As A Hedge Fund Manager


Mina Gerowin is a leading business executive and a hedge fund manager. She is famous for contributing to Paulson & Co., which is an investment management company specializing in credit strategies, event arbitrage, as well as a global merger. Regardless of the 2017 financial crisis, Mina Gerowin has enabled the firm to be on the high-profit carve.

Education and Professional Qualification
Mina Gerowin graduated from Smith College after pursuing political economy. She excelled in the course. Graduating with honors, she also pursued a law degree from the University of Virginia. Gerowin served as the editor of the Journal of International College during her time at the university. The publication highlights issues affecting foreign direct investment policies. Gerowin also pursued an MBA from Harvard. She was honored with a doctorate from the New Haven University too.

Breaking into the Industry
After graduating from college, Mina Gerowin’s career followed a successful pattern like that of college. She actively took up senior roles in various organizations. The skilled investment expert also developed a creative mindset that provided the companies she worked for leverage over competitors. She was often referred to as the first women to succeed in the hedge fund industry.

What’s a Hedge Fund Industry?
A hedge fund refers to an alternative investment that uses pooled funds to employ different strategies to earn a return for an investor. An expert should manage a hedge fund through the use of derivatives. It should also leverage in international as well as domestic markets. The main objective of a hedge fund should be generating significant returns. A hedge fund is strictly accessible to expert investors since they need less SEC regulations compared to other funds. A hedge fund also faces fewer regulations compared to other investment vehicles. The duties of a hedge fund manager include making sure that the funds being invested in a financial vehicle yield high returns. The manager should also deal with complex processes of creating the right portfolio. Mina Geroin is one such individual that has successfully taken up this task.

Additional Roles
Besides, Mina Gerowin is the first woman to take up a role in M&A at the prestigious Lazarus Freres & Co. She also became an executive VP at the firm. Gerowin is currently paving a path for women to join the same industry. Her contributions will soon pave the way for women to amass opportunities in the male-dominated industry. Gerowin is responsible for helping individuals to manage their hedge funds. She develops investment objectives, handles liquidity provisions, as well as fee structures.

Gerowin relocated to London in 2008. She was more involved in credit investments as well as distressed assets. She received various awards in 2009. They are such as the European Hedge Fund Leadership Award for women involved in the hedge fund sector. She also received the Top 50 Women in Finance Award. Dow Jones presented it. Gerowin became the head cheerleader of EXOR, a leading Italian holding firm affiliated with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.


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