Instagram and Twitter Might Phase Out Likes


The easiest way to determine which posts on Twitter and Instagram are the most popular is by looking at the number of likes they have received. However, it seems that both of these social networking platforms are strongly considering eliminating likes completely. There are a number of reasons for doing this. Both platforms want to lower the amount of pressure that users feel to have people like their various posts. They also want to eliminate people feeling bad when others do not like the things they post. The primary goal of removing likes from the platform is to put all of the focus on what was posted instead of how many people liked it.

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has said that he wishes that he had never thought up the option to like tweets in the first place. He also said that making the follower count an important part of every Twitter profile was a big mistake. There have been studies that show people have certain emotional responses to their comments being liked or not liked. People have also been shown to like posts that have already received a large amount of likes. The people who are in charge of these social media platforms want to make the pressure created by likes a thing of the past.

Neither Twitter or Instagram have any immediate plans to totally get rid of likes. They are just in the testing phase right now. A test version of Instagram was discovered by a developer who noticed that the like count was removed. This is how the platform’s testing of removing likes was initially uncovered. The company replied to a request for comment by saying they are always exploring options to relieve user stress. However, no determination has been made one way or the other about permanently removing likes from either Twitter or Instagram.

Even if likes are no longer displayed on Twitter and Instagram, there will most likely always be a feature that allows users to like posts. This is because social media platforms use likes to determine which posts are trending and the most relevant. This is very important as a way of promoting posts that are newsworthy. So like counts will probably always be kept track of. However, their availability to the public is something that is still up in the air at the present time. Only time will tell what their fate will be.


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