Gamers Look Ahead to E3, Want More From ‘Pokemon Sword & Shield’


Nintendo has been one of the strongest gaming companies in the world for decades. Their flagship line of games, based on the world of ‘Pokemon’, is finally going to be making their way over to the Nintendo Switch. While fans have been enjoying ‘Let’s Go: Eevee’ and ‘Let’s Go: Pikachu’ on the Switch, the announcement of ‘Pokemon Sword’ and ‘Pokemon Shield’ has brought excitement to a fever pitch. Why is this the case? Well, ‘Sword’ and ‘Shield’ are the first primary titles to be released on a non-mobile console. What does this mean? Well, let’s find out.

E3 is one of the biggest gaming events in the entire world. The massive convention serves as ground zero for gaming announcements that can change the complexion of the entire industry. Fans have obviously been keyed in to pay attention to all news coming out of the Nintendo camp with regard to ‘Sword’ and ‘Shield’. Despite their desires, Nintendo has been notoriously mum about the new titles. With a lack of new information being willingly provided, Pokemon fans have made a wishlist of their own. What are Nintendo fans most looking forward to finding out about the new Pokemon titles? Let’s find out.

The first ‘Sword’ and ‘Shield’ teaser came out over a year ago. The latest new trailer came out in February of 2019. The trailer revealed several interesting details about the Gen 8 Pokemon titles. Fans were introduced to the Galar region as well as a few new Pokemon. Fans were also relieved to see that random encounters were back in the mix after briefly being pulled from the ‘Let’s Go’ titles. While this was a lot of information, it wasn’t enough to satisfy fans. Fans have been aching to find out several key pieces of information that were only alluded to in the trailers. What does the big red and blue symbol that is shown frequently in the trailer? Is this a Gym logo? A symbol that will make sense within the plot of the story? Moving on from there, fans are also fascinated by the new Z-Crystal mechanics that have been hinted at.

While ‘Sword’ and ‘Shield’ represent a monumental step forward for the legacy gaming franchise, fans are going to have to sit tight to hear more information. Nintendo is playing the entire release of ‘Sword’ and ‘Shield’ close to their vest. We very much doubt that much information will be unveiled ahead of E3.


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