Facebook Has a Problem with Fake Accounts


There has been no shortage of problems for Facebook over the past couple of years. Many privacy scandals and Russian groups buying thousands of political ads during the 2016 election have not helped the reputation of the social media giant. However, it seems that they have a new problem on their hands. The company has removed literally 2.2 billion accounts that it says are totally fake. It is interesting to note that there are 2.3 billion real Facebook accounts. People use special programs that allow many fake accounts to be created at the same time. Facebook is working hard to remove them as soon as they are created. However, it is not easy.

All of these account deletions took place during the first three months of 2019. This is a problem that is not improving. This is over one billion more fake accounts than Facebook deleted the previous quarter. The company says that the vast majority of the fake profiles are taken down right away. However, the increased volume of fake profiles means that more of them are going to be able to slip pass their security network.

The fake accounts are created by spammers for the purpose of selling things or promoting a specific agenda. There are many people who believe that five percent of the current profiles on Facebook are of people who do not exist in real life. The social media giant knows that fake accounts are a problem that they have always had a hard time dealing with. However, it has now gotten totally out of control. Spammers are only getting more persistent in their attempts to slip fake accounts past Facebook’s defenses. They are not going to stop all of a sudden. There are even people who believe that as many as 50 percent of the 2.3 billion Facebook users might be fake. There is no way for Facebook to know for sure.

Fake accounts are often used to commit fraud involving advertising. The spreading of fake news is also a common goal of people who go to the trouble to create fake Facebook accounts. It does not cost any money to create a Facebook account. Therefore, these spammers have nothing to lose by trying again and again. They know that it will not be possible for Facebook’s security systems to catch all of the fake accounts. They can then use the fake accounts that are not detected.


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