Cynthia Grossman, A Philanthropic Businesswoman


The corporate world is changing over the years and expanding to be one of the most significant business fronts in the world. The biggest change that has been observed is the addition of more women to leadership positions. Before the corporate world was dominated by men mostly and women were countable. When it came to leadership positions such as board members, women were a rare sight, but this is not the case anymore. More women have joined the corporate business with some prominent holding positions such as boards of directors. Cynthia Grossman is one woman who has stood out in the corporate world. Cynthia is an innovative thinker who can come up with solutions to modern day problems. She is well-learned on issues affecting today’s world and knows how to tackle the issues. Cynthia’s career as a corporate leader began in the 1980s, and since then she has been making considerable improvements to her career. Cynthia Grossman has forged a path for herself as one of the most dynamic and prominent leaders in the corporate world. Cynthia’s first interaction with the corporate business is when she worked at Grupo Continental SAB as a Board of Directors member. This was in the year 1983, and she held the position until 2000 when she was appointed as the chairman of the Board of Directors at Grupo Continental. In both cases, Cynthia Grossman used her skills to propel Grupo Continental to better heights. Cynthia is now the director of Arca Continental, an internationally- acclaimed company. Cynthia Grossman has continuously put her knowledge of the business world to good use. Her expertise has led her to make advanced changes at Arca Continental. Grossman champions for the equality of men and women at work. Through her companies, Cynthia Grossman has created programs that advocate for the right of women to get opportunities at corporate places. Cynthia’s programs mainly focus on advancement opportunities and payment equality for women. Through Cynthia’s efforts, women are now given equal opportunities as men when opportunities for promotion come up at workplaces.Outside her workplace, Cynthia Grossman is a philanthropist who helps women around the world in every way she can. Her philanthropic work is what makes Cynthia the icon that she is today. Cynthia channels her financial resources into organizations globally that work towards bettering the lives of women and families in general. The organizations help these families by providing educational opportunities, teaching life skills, and teaching them how to apply for jobs on different occasions. Seeing that she is already successful, Cynthia is working towards helping others achieve success in their lives. Cynthia is an inspiration to many women around the world, a factor that has led her to be invited to many business events and conferences as the main speaker. It is no lie that Cynthia is an experienced businesswoman and an expert at what she does. She is among the first women to have sat on a Board of Directors. Cynthia is continuing to work hard and help others along the way to the top.


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