Campus Apartments: Providing The Best Student Housing Experience


For the most part, living on campus is better than living off campus due to a number of reasons starting with the fact that students tend to get better grades when living on campus. Moreover, you’ll have a better chance of graduating on time and you’re more likely to stick with school throughout your stay.

Campus Apartments saw the importance of student housing for members of the society. Since 1958, they have offered their clients a better way of living that supports their education. For them, allowing people to live smart is actually smart business.

Here’s what you need to know about Campus Apartments and their role in providing the best student housing experience for everyone.

Company Overview

Campus Apartments was founded in 1958 as one of the nation’s best and largest provider of on-campus student housing and off-campus student housing. The truth is that the location doesn’t matter that much anymore. Yes, on campus provides way better options for students who are on the lookout for a housing company; however, with Campus Apartments, you can bet that their off-campus services are as high-quality as their on-campus student housing.

This is a vertically integrated company that is very much experienced in all aspects of the industries concerning student housing. Now, it has garnered over one and a half billion USD in simply managing its assets. Moreover, this firm’s portfolio consists of mid-rise assets, high-rise assets, garden-style assets, and even an urban scattered-site housing and mixed-use housing system.

This firm serves about 50+ colleges and universities throughout 18 states. It has about 500+ employees working to make every student housing experience the best for any individual.

All of these was made possible when founder Alan Horwitz noticed a number of students waiting in a long line simply for student housing at a university in Pennsylvania. Horwitz’s entrepreneurial spirit sparked the need to address an issue he had observed at the University of Pennsylvania.

Over the years, Horwitz recognizes that most of the landlords in the surrounding area were inadequately managing their properties. He saw an opportunity to make the business more professional by differentiating his products and services as something that can provide a better way of living that is not only appealing to students but also their parents.

In the end, Horwitz was known as the man who went on to completely change the whole landscape of the neighborhood of Philadelphia’s University City.

What Every Student Needs to Know

It is without a doubt that Campus Apartments provide one of the best student housing experience in all 18 states it caters. Moreover, this doesn’t mean that students should not pay attention to the little details when it comes to renting on- and off-campus.

Any individual who enters college or a university is tasked to become much more independent. With that in mind, securing a good student housing firm can be overwhelming in addition to all of their other responsibilities.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with some of the rules and when in doubt, don’t forget to seek assistance from Campus Apartments’ customer service.

With that in mind, you have to ensure that you take the time to apply for student housing. Set the time and allow at least a few days before the actual start of your classes to settle into your new home, whether it is on- or off-campus.


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