Ben Melkman and His Advice Are in High Demand


If there’s anyone who understands the ebbs and flows of the increasingly volatile stock market, it’s Ben Melkman. After all, there’s a reason why he’s been asked to teach classes on the topic of convexity trades. Recognizing the way the market moves in a multitude of conditions, Ben Melkman is one of the few people who can accurately predict certain trends. With special skills in the area of credit markets, he’s able to make decisions that empower others and bring them closer to the success they have always dreamed of.

With experience in trade structuring, as well as derivatives, Ben Melkman has truly mastered his area of expertise. In fact, his opinions and advice are even more sought after in these unpredictable economic times. For Melkman, it’s all about finding opportunity in whatever happens in the markets. Adept at quickly identifying mispricings, it’s no surprise that his skills have been admired in the industry. Where others see risk or disadvantage, Melkman is able to promptly highlight unique chances for growth. Because he envisions everything in a macro kind of way, the ideas that he presents tend to be very macro. Those who study with him or hope to learn from him are encouraged to develop their own critical thinking skills. Melkman realizes that, in this market, there are no easy, cut-and-dry answers. Sometimes it takes a while to arrive at an appropriate decision, and that time should be savored and carefully thought out.

Melkman’s perspective on institutional level trades is enlightening and profound, which is why so many have expressed interest in learning from him. From 30-year swap spreads to strategies, there is no financial issue that Melkman does not carefully assess and analyze. His rare set of talents have earned him a privileged place among the elite few who understand the hidden forces that really make markets move. Furthermore, Ben Melkman boasts a rare flair for management that few in the industry possess.

Of course, it’s taken a great deal of experience for Melkman to develop all of these talents. His auspicious career technically kicked off at the London School of Economics, where he learned his trade alongside some of the best in the business. A job at Morgan Stanley jumpstarted his career during the early aughts. As an executive director at the financial juggernaut, he worked at the London office for several years. After his stint in London, Ben Melkman made his way to Switzerland. At Brevan Howard’s Geneva office, he transitioned into becoming a portfolio manager. Along the way, he made a lot of astute investments. He also showed that he had a knack for finance, taking a gamble on Argentine bonds and reaping the rewards on behalf of his clients. Eventually, he would decide that it was time to strike out on his own. Opening Light Sky Macro, he was able to raise an astonishing billion dollars worth of capital. With a combination of leadership skills and financial acumen, he has distinguished himself in this industry.


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