An Era Ends for Older Generation iPhones


Owners of iPhone 5S, SE, 6, and 6 Plus may be in for some bad news. These iPhones won’t receive any additional software updates. Support for sixth to eighth generation iPhones could be coming to a close as well. The upcoming 13th update won’t be compatible with the older iPhones. Number 12 represents their final update. Rumors further suggest Apple is seriously considering dropping support services for older generation devices.

iPhones fall under the category of “built to last.” The exceptional quality of earlier models means the hardware can last years. Someone who doesn’t care about purchasing the latest and newest technology may stick with using an older device. If no compelling reason exists to upgrade it, many older generation iPhone owners won’t do so. Apple, however, cannot continue to provide support to these customers when their numbers continue to dwindle. Over time, their numbers do shrink as the older devices slowly cease to work due to age and other factors.

Eventually, questions about cost-effectiveness arise. Apple must invest considerable money in support services. While the company appreciates all its customers, Apple can’t maintain support services to a limited number of persons.

Interestingly, demand exists for used earlier model iPhones. When Apple delivers a popular new iPhone, customers will stand in long lines to make a purchase on the first day of release. Customers won’t mind paying very high prices to be among the first buyers. And yet, a segment of customers prefer to procure older versions due to their appealing benefits.

Not every recent iPhone release captivated consumers. Soft sales of iPhones contributed to Apple’s less-than-stellar financial reports. Some suggest weak upgrades factored into the tepid consumer response. Unflattering news about iPhone releases could lead some consumers to purchase a used model as opposed to a new one. Regardless, anyone interested in upgrades and support has to move on.

Current decisions made by Apple could force older generation fans to finally buy a newer model.


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