AmeriFreight Handles Car Transport Bookings


Moving across the country isn’t easy. Driving your car the entire distance makes things more complicated. For international movers, driving is obviously not possible. Regardless of the destination, a better plan involves working with a car shipping service. Based in Peachtree City, GA, AmeriFrieght is a company that handles transport duties.

AmeriFrieght does not, however, actually perform the service of moving your vehicles. The company operates as a broker. That is, a client contacts AmeriFreight and asks about a moving quote. The representative takes the necessary information about the vehicle, its location, and its eventual final destination. AmeriFreight then works to find a driver and truck to handle the duties.

Working with a broker presents an obvious benefit. The broker looks for a price to fit your budget. Such wouldn’t be the case when calling an individual trucking company directly. So, AmeriFreight could potential save clients money depending on the available drivers and trucks.

The representative will provide every detail about vehicle transports. All quotes delivered by the company are free. Customers won’t pay any unnecessary fees for a shipping quote.

AmeriFreight offers additional benefits that appeal to customers. The company provides an AFTA damage protection plan. Vehicle owners do worry about damage to their cars. Even when a trucking professional exhibits tremendous care, a vehicle could suffer scratches, dents, or worse. With a damage protection plan, the owner procures reasonable coverage. Often, car owners like third-party coverage options since they don’t want to deal with an insurance company.

Equally of interest to would-be customers is the “no money down” deal. Shipping a car can cost several hundred to even thousands of dollars. Securing a spot with a transport service might require paying a deposit. Not all customers want to deal with paying a deposit. The management at AmeriFreight understands this, so they do not mandate any deposit requirements.

Besides costs, customers worry about the quality of service. Assurances aren’t readily easy to find. AmeriFreight holds a good rating with the Better Business Bureau. While BBB ratings are perfect, they do provide some insight about what to expect. A review of the AmeriFreight’s history with the BBB should prove revealing to those looking for information on the company.

AmeriFreight’s customer service team is more than willing to speak at length with interested car owners. A free consultation is made available to anyone considering the service.

AmeriFrieght established its name in the industry quite some time ago. Car owners won’t have much trouble learning more about the company with a little research.


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