Amazon Offers Cloud Storage for Photos to Prime Members


One of the worst nightmares for people who store their photos on their computer is to have them get accidentally erased. Amazon is trying to help their Prime members to avoid that very bad experience. They have created a way to back up and store all of your photos through a service called Amazon Photos. This is a service that is offered to all Prime members. Amazon is currently the biggest cloud storage company on the planet. Therefore, offering this service was an easy decision for the tech giant. It has received very good reviews from users since it was first introduced. Members like to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their photos will be safe no matter what happens to their computer, phone or tablet.

There is an Amazon Photos mobile app that can be downloaded. It will allow access to the service. Prime members will be able to store an unlimited amount of photos. They can also store up to five GB of videos. Regular Amazon members who do not subscribe to Prime can also take advantage of the service. These people will not have unlimited photo storage. Their limit will be capped at five GB for both photos and videos.

There are a few other great advantages for using the Amazon Photos service. For example, the benefits extend well beyond Prime members. People who are subscribed to Prime will be able to invite as many as five people to also have unlimited photo storage and five GB of video storage. It also offers you many different ways for you to arrange and catalog your photos so they are easy for you to find when you need them. The service also offers image recognition technology so you are able to find certain photos quickly.

People who are using the Amazon Photos service will be able to view their photos on a variety of devices. They will also be able to share all of their photos by text or email. SMS can also be used to send photos to a person of your choice. Amazon has said that they plan on expanding many of the options that are available for Prime members who use the Photos service. However, they have not revealed anything about the specific upgrades they are going to be making. A spokesperson said that this summer is when Amazon will be making an announcement.


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