Twitter CEO Meets with President Trump


It is no secret that Twitter is the social media platform of choice of President Donald Trump. He sends out tweets on almost a daily basis about just about anything that is on his mind. He has brought an enormous amount of attention to Twitter. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Trump is the most important Twitter user on the planet since almost every tweet he sends out gets major attention in the news media.

On Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and some other executives had a meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office of the White House. They discussed a variety of topics such as Twitter’s role in protecting the upcoming 2020 elections from being tampered with by foreign powers. The timing of the meeting was considered to be odd by many people in the media because Trump had just recently sent out a tweet that accused Twitter of being biased towards him and the entire Republican party. Twitter’s liberal bias is something that has been talked about in the media quite a bit during the past year. Many companies in Silicon Valley are known to lean towards the left. Facebook is another big tech company that has shown a liberal bias in terms of how it treats various people and groups that use the platform.

Trump tweeted out a photo of the meeting with Jack Dorsey and his team sitting in chairs that surrounded Trump’s desk in the oval office. President Trump said that it was a great meeting that that he wants to keep an open dialogue with the company in the future. The meeting was made at the request of Trump. It is very clear that Trump understands the critical role that Twitter will play in his attempt to be elected President of the United States for a second time in 2020. Perhaps he wants to make sure that his Democratic competitors will not get favorable treatment from the social media giant.

Trump has embraced social media in a way that no president has done before him. He has used it to make various announcements about staff changes. He has also introduced many key policy announcements on Twitter. Therefore, every politician and person who covers politics in the media needs to keep track of what President Trump is saying on Twitter at all times. Otherwise, they might miss a very important announcement when it is made.


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