Redefining Healthcare With Virtua Medical Group


Virtua Medical Group is a team of medical doctors and surgeons that offer health services which range from primary care to complex surgical procedures. This network of physicians follows laid out standards to provide healthcare whenever it is required. The unique aspect of Virtua Medical Group is that they utilize electronic charts accessible remotely to reach out to patients. This organizations’ ability to render quality services using the latest technology has made them stand out to the point of earning them national recognition.

Virtua Medical Group’s professional teams

Virtua Medical Group is an expert when it comes to primary care. Through the company’s’ primary care physicians, the facility can help its patients achieve their health goals. They work with a personal health navigator who assists patients connect to physicians near them. Virtua primary care services are provided by qualified:

• Internal medicine doctors
• Family doctors
• Women primary care doctors
• Nurses and physician assistants
All these service providers cater to a particular group of patients.

Specialized services offered by Virtua Medical Group

Virtua Medical Group also provides specialized care to its patients. Among the comprehensive care services offered include outpatient surgery, advanced diagnostic testing, obstetrics, and gynecology.

Physicians providing these comprehensive care services are known to be excellent communicators who assist patients become active in their health matters. These medical practitioners are strategically located across the country and also provide surgical services whenever they are needed. Virtua Medical Group has made significant strides in the provision of care to debilitating non-communicable medical conditions. Some of these diseases include:

1. Breast cancer
Virtua Medical Group utilizes the latest diagnostic, preventive, and treatment solutions to detect, prevent, and treat breast disease. This facility employs digital mammograms accompanied by cancer screening and risk assessment procedures. Their treatment protocols involve conventional treatments as well as non-invasive solutions for non-cancerous lumps.

2. Diabetes
This facility is known to champion for diabetes care. Virtual Medical Group has experienced diabetes educators who teach patients how to manage their health. Their ultimate goal is often to lower the patients’ risk of developing complications in the future. These educators teach patients the importance of proper diet, self-management as well as insulin management skills. This division has earned recognition from the American Diabetes Association.

3. Cardiovascular health
Virtua Medical Group works with the best cardiologists in the industry. These professionals specialize in advanced care providing services that range from cardiac catheterization, diagnostic testing to emergency angioplasty and chest pain management. They also use the latest treatment protocols and technology to provide care.

Some of the techniques used include the wireless EKG system that connects to the doctors in the hospital sending rapid results. Virtua Medical Group works in collaboration with the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. They are also licensed to operate by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories.

Virtua Medical Group’s philanthropic contributions

Apart from leading in healthcare provision, Virtua Medical Group is known to participate in charitable endeavors. They have a charity foundation that partners with the local community to change the lives of people. This group also tells the story of who positively impacting society in a significant way. The company also organizes medical camps that allow people to meet their caregivers for consultations.


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