New App Allows You To Be Paid To Listen To Podcasts


If you love podcasts, then you can now make money listening to them. The name of the app is Podcoin. It already has 10,000 daily users. David Cook is the co-founder of Podcoin. He stated that Podcoin is the latest innovation in podcasting.

You can find just about any podcast that has ever been made on Podcoin. People get reward points for every 10 minutes that they listen to a podcast. You can redeem the points for things like Bose headphones and Amazon gift cards.

David stated that there is a reason that more people are listening to podcasts. More people want to listen to podcasts because they feel like they are a part of the conversation. They use podcasts as a way of seeking human conversation. Podcoin has been effective at getting more people to listen to podcasts.

Podcasters will need to fill out a form that proves that they are the owner of the podcast. People who have claimed their podcast will receive promotional benefits. There are thousands of podcasts on Podcoin. Forty percent of the listening minutes go to people who have claimed their podcasts.

Podcoin solves a problem that many podcasters have. Many podcasters struggle to build and engage an audience. People are able to claim their podcasts for free.

David said that he wants to make it easier for podcasters to build and engage their audience. People will be able to see the profile photos of someone who listens to their podcast. They will also be able to keep track of the number of minutes that people listen to the podcasts.

The goal of Podcoin is to help people get more podcast listeners by rewarding those who listen to the podcast. Podcoin plans on adding more features to the app including likes, an enhanced social graph and comments.


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