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Pilot Freight Services (PFS) provides logistics, shipping and delivery services to local and international customers in 190 countries. With hundreds of offices around the world, they provide customized shipping options and 24-hour services for the fastest delivery times.

In 1970, Pilot Freight Services began its operations in Philadelphia. Its ISO certification ensures that the company meets the highest standards in its industry. Today, the company exceeds $100 million in annual profits each year. They have 83 locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico along with locations in Spain and the Netherlands.

Types of Clients
Pilot Freight Services clients include small business owners, e-commerce business owners, automotive manufacturers, government agencies, healthcare providers and more. Pilot Freight Services ship any and all types of products that are suitable for their trucks. They ship fragile and hazardous products, like toxic chemicals or explosives, using special handling equipment. If special accommodations are needed, customized shipping options are available.

The company’s website provides CoPilot, a convenient management tool for customers. They are allowed to track their shipments, schedule deliveries, review their order history and request quotes. If they have a question that cannot be resolved on their own, or need more information about a service, they can call 24/7 customer service agents.

Shipping and Delivery
PFS logistics is fast, efficient and dependable. The biggest complaint about shipping companies involves late deliveries, and the second biggest complaint involves damaged items. PFS has a “customer first” system to ensure that all shipments are sent immediately and delivered on time and in good condition.

Once the items ship, alerts are sent to their phones or emails in real time. When it’s time to deliver, additional alerts are sent. Customers choose where and when their goods are delivered. PFS provides a wide range of convenient delivery times that fit any schedule.

Pilot Freight Services invests in innovative technologies to improve the ways that they work and communicate with their customers, associates and partners. Their development team includes experienced Web designers, marketers and project managers. They are devoted to finding the latest technological solutions to common business problems. They are focused on finding new ways to expand PFS operations and build global networks between different countries.

Pilot Freight Services is a leader in shipping and logistics along with advanced technology and innovation. Their best skill is perfecting customer service and making sure that each customer receives the fastest, most reliable services. To schedule a shipment and more, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-800-HI-PILOT.

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