Facebook Will Use AI to Determine If Users Have Died


The list of problems that Facebook has had to deal with during the past year is very long. The social networking giant has seemingly had one public relations nightmare after another. It does not look like that is going to stop any time soon. There have been many complaints about Facebook asking users to wish a friend “Happy Birthday” when the person has already died. There have also been many occasions when dead Facebook users have been invited to various events. These things happen very often unless people take the time to let Facebook know that the person has died.

The good news is that Facebook is not ignoring this problem like they have so many others in the past. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said in a statement that the company has plans to start using artificial intelligence in the near future in an effort to stop instances where people are asked to interact with a dead loved one. Sandberg did not go into any specifics regarding how the new AI would be able to determine which users are dead. However, she did say that this AI has been in development for quite some time. Sandberg understands that this is a problem that has been going on for a long time. She said that it is the responsibility of Facebook to prevent their users from being reminded of the death of a loved one. She hopes the AI will be an effective solution.

Death is something that Facebook needs to deal with. There are more than two billion people who use the service around the world. However, literally millions of Facebook users have died since the company was created 15 years ago. The company has tried to take steps to deal with the massive amount of profiles of dead people that currently exist on their platform. They will take down a page if they receive proof that a person is dead.

Facebook has also given certain people the ability to maintain the Facebook page of a dead loved one if they so desire. However, the company wants to stop painful reminders of the death of loved ones from popping up in birthday wishes. Dead people are also frequently featured in the “memories” section of Facebook that shows what happened one year ago on a specific date. It is comforting that Facebook understands that these problems need to be dealt with and is taking steps to do so.


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