Elizabeth Warren: Law, Money, And Running For The Presidency


Elizabeth Warren is a senator from the state of Massachusetts, but she did not start out as someone seeking a life in politics. Her calling was for teaching and law. She graduated from Rutgers, and she went on to teach at several universities in Texas and also at Harvard. She specialized in bankruptcy law.

Because of her bankruptcy knowledge, in the late 1990s she was an advisor on the bankruptcy review commission, which led to the passing of the Consumer Protection Act. It stopped individuals from abusing bankruptcy.

After her work in that arena of bankruptcy, she became a member of the economic advisory committee in relation to the FDIC most likely because of her involvement with consumer law and knowledge of bankruptcy.

Elizabeth Warren worked to prevent large businesses from hurting consumers with their mighty power. She supported making corporate executives accountable. While on the Senate, she also brought back the too big to fail or jail action, which is directly linked to large entities, such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America. The act intends to make it harder for dominant companies to hurt their clients or any American.

Elizabeth Warren supports taxing the very rich. These people can be described as the uber rich or mega millionaires. She is an advocate for increasing taxes on this affluent population and using that tax money to create childcare for all, relief from students from educational debt, and creating healthcare for everyone.

Warren has announced her plans to run for the president of the United States in 2020. She will be running under the Democratic party. Warren announced that she had developed an effective plan to cancel out student debt and change the way the education system was paid for. If she becomes president of the United States, she will work towards taxing the wealthy another 2%, and the multi-billionaires would get taxed 3%. This money would go towards eliminating the debt that students have already incurred. It would effectively wipe out all of the debt on the books. She has plans to make education affordable and pay for more for low to middle-income people’s education.

Another platform she will take during her run for the president is the issue of global warming. She believes that global warming is nearing a crisis level around the Earth. The United States should do its part to curtail greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions. This is another area that large corporations will be held to high standards if Elizabeth Warren becomes president. She will expect these companies to produce clean energy and clean up any disasters that they have previously created.

Elizabeth Warren believes that everyone should have access to healthcare. Birth control should be made available to all women as well as prenatal care. Individuals should have access to health tests and other preventative measures, such as mammograms, colonoscopies, and HIV screening. Many entities can help pay for these treatments including increasing taxes on specific groups and the pharmaceutical companies.

Whether or not Elizabeth Warren becomes the first female president of the United States is yet to be seen, but she has already left her footprint as an educator and someone who fights for everyday citizen’s right.


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