Belinda Stronach: A Multi-Talented Business Woman And A Staunch Believer In Women Empowerment


Who is Belinda Stronach? What makes his name common in Canada and the business world? If you have been asking yourself these questions, you are in the right place. In this post, we will focus on everything there is to know about Belinda: who she is, what she does and her achievements in the business world.

Who Is Belinda Stronach?
Belinda Stronach is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Canada. She is the Chairperson and President of the Stronach Group, a multinational entertainment and real estate company based in Aurora, Canada. She is also part of the team that manages Acasta Capital, a banking firm that empower start-ups and established companies by providing them with financial support. But that’s not all. Belinda is also a politician and was a member of the House Commons in Canada. She also served as the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, the ministry responsible for Democratic Renewal, during Paul Martin’s era.

Women Empowerment
Belinda is staunch believer in women empowerment. According to her, women have contributed a lot to transform the world into what it is today. She believes they should be given the same opportunities as men. During her stint as an MP, Belinda together with other members of parliament passed laws that support gender equality and women inclusion in Canada’s development agendas. She also helped the government get rid of legal constraints that prevent women from getting a job, accessing credit or starting businesses.

What Makes Belinda Stand Out In The World Of Business
Belinda Stronach has become a household name because of her unique leadership skills and extensive knowledge in business. Her knowledge and skills help her to identify business opportunities and utilize them effectively. She has also helped transform many companies from unknown startup to giants that the world cannot ignore. Belinda has also helped the firms she has worked with come up with strategies to penetrate to more regions and beat any competition that comes their way.

Aside from being a multi-talented business woman, Belinda is involved in charitable activities. She has contributed millions to help improve the Canadian society and the world at large whole. She has also founded many charitable organizations. For instance, she is the brain behind The Belinda Stronach Foundation, an organization that empowers women by equipping them with skills that can help them secure jobs. The organization also helps homeless single women get shelter and other basic needs. Belinda also founded a program that helps women fight Breast cancer and other life threatening diseases.

Belinda is a recipient of many awards. She received the Beth Shalom Humanitarian Award and Paul Harris Fellow Award. In 2004, the Time Magazine named her one of the Most Influential women Entrepreneurs in the world. In 2002, the exceptional businesswoman was among the Canada’s Top 40 under 40 Business Innovators.


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